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Exhibitor information

Mannamót Natural Iceland Travel Trade Show is a meeting place for the travel industry in Iceland.

The marketing offices of each region set up the exhibition  Mannamót for their affiliates at Kórinn sports hall in Kópavogur. The exhibition takes place Thursday, January 18th, 2024 at 12am - 5pm.

Mannamót is a promotional forum for tourism in Iceland’s rural areas and an opportunity to establish connections between experts in the field. The purpose is to introduce rural companies to tourism providers around the country. Iceland has a lot to offer our guests and Mannamót helps to shape and strengthen connections and collaboration within the tourism industry. Guests at Mannamót will be given an opportunity to see what different parts of the country have to offer, with special emphasis on winter tourism.

At Mannamót we invite travel agencies from Reykjavík with guests from all over the world to meet us. We send electronic invitations and invitation cards directly to these offices and individuals:

  • Travel agency staff and tour operators
  • Information and booking center staff
  • Guides
  • Students in guiding and tourism studies, as well as teachers in travel areas
  • Employees in airline services
  • Airline sales staff and promoters
  • Employees at receptions of hotels and guesthouses
  • The media
  • Government agencies: Islandsstofa, The Tourist Board, Ministry of Employment and Innovation, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Transport Agency, Isavia, etc.

This time we also send an invitation to foreign travel agencies and encourage all participants to invite their contacts. However, we do not expect a large number of visitors from abroad this year, but we are notifying them that Mannamót is an annual exhibition so that we can prepare for an increase in foreign participation in the next year if we perceive a lot of interest.

Registration and fee
Only partner companies can participate as exhibitors at Mannamót 2024. 
The price for exhibitors is 29.900 + VAT.

Exhibitor registration


  • Exhibition hall ready for participants. 10:30
  • Installation between 10:30 and 12:00
  • Exhibition open for guests: 12:00 - 17:00

Note that exhibitors do not start packing up until the exhibition closes at 17:00. Also, we ask exhibitors not to arrive at the exhibition grounds until 10:30, as the installation of booths needs to be done quickly and efficiently.

General arrangement

At Mannamót there is a traditional exhibition plan, but no appointments are made beforehand.

Capacity and arrangement of booths

Each company has about 1m of table space and 1 wall behind it (printing size is 95x239cm between iron rods) at its disposal and exhibitors are arranged by regions.

The marketing office of each area sets up companies within their space and ensures that companies operating in each region are somewhat close, but also that competitors in comparable operations are not side by side.

  • Disposable white fabrics will be on all tables.
  • It's a good idea to have posters, business cards, brochures and other promotional material to distribute to visitors.
  • Electricity will not be available in the showroom. Computers and other electrical appliances need to be fully charged on arrival.
  • A wireless network is not available. 3G is available.
  • Open fire is not allowed in the show area.


At Mannamót we encourage participating companies to offer light refreshments and tastes from the local area, as well as promotional material that gives a clear image of the specialties of areas and companies.

Exhibitors get black neckbands in which they can put business cards or write their names and companies. Guests get a white neckband at the entrance and are thus distinguished from other exhibitors.

Keep in mind for Mannamót:

  • Business cards. Have business cards to distribute, also, collect business cards from visitors to build a network of contacts for your company.
  • Brochures or flyers. Information about the company and its products. Name of company, location (do not forget to mention the area of service), what products or services the company has to offer. It’s also important to have good pictures in all printed material.
  • A poster
  • Computer / Tablet to display more images, facilities, and service extras (note, however, that electricity is not available, so take an extra charge).
  • Products/tastes from the province.
  • Keep in mind what information you need to communicate. What are the main points, and what are the extra features. Practice the elevator pitch. You might need to talk to many people in a short amount of time.
  • Enjoy yourself, being there, make eye contact, and smile. Do not forget that you're there to talk to the guests, and because there are no pre-booked meetings, the results are based on good salesmanship.

Remember to bring your reusable water bottles and coffee mugs


The price for exhibitors is 29.900 + VAT.

The regional offices encourage all tourism companies to participate in Mannamót and take advantage of the opportunity to promote their business. This is a unique opportunity to strengthen relationships with existing customers, gain new ones and get acquainted with affiliates across the country.

Mannamót specialty is to promote companies of all sizes and models, old and new, from all over Iceland. The installation and facilities are raw, informal and give a good impression of the special features of the areas and have worked well to attract guests and exhibitors. The Marketing Centres make a survey after each exhibition, where participants are given the opportunity to submit their opinions. We do our best to customize the service and organization at any given time to the comments and suggestions from the survey. If questions arise regarding participation, contact your marketing office.


Looking forward to having a great day with you at Mannamót 2024!